Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The First International Jewish Bloggers Convention

Wow. Wow!

The First International Jewish Bloggers Convention is over. Some 200 bloggers participated in person, and 1400 (that’s right, 1400) bloggers participated and watched the convention via the Webcast.

The speakers were excellent, and there was something for everyone.

What I walked away with was how important and influential bloggers really are.

Former Israeli Prime Minister (and Prime Minister Candidate) Benjamin Netanyahu heard about the conference from reading one of our bloggers, and as a result called up and asked to speak to this audience.

That is the power of blogging and a clear indication that blogging has gone mainstream.

We look forward to running this again.


Update: First International Jewish Bloggers Convention

Hundreds of bloggers have registered to participate in person at the convention this evening (and many more online). We're looking forward to meeting all of you.

Our selected bloggers flew into Israel on the Nefesh B'Nefesh flight yesterday, and all are reporting what an emotional experience it was.

We have a surprise blogger coming to the convention. Former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu will be speaking to the crowd for a few minutes.

We knew this was going to be big when we started planning it, but we never expected it to grow to the scale that it has already reached.